Why China’s social credit system is detrimental to Uyghur’s

I am sure you guys have heard about the new social credit system being implemented in China. If you haven’t, I’ll give a short description of what it is all about. Also, I will discuss why this directly affects Uyghurs, and how it’s implementation could lead to creating a permanent lower class amongst Muslims.

As per Wikipedia, the social credit initiative calls for the establishments of unified record system for individuals, businesses and the government to be tracked and evaluated for trustworthiness.... The credit system is closely related to China's mass surveillance systems such as Skynet,[19][20][21] which incorporates facial recognition system, big data analysis technology, AI and Project Maven.

If you have been following what is going on in China, the kind of metrics used to measure this so-called trustworthiness involves religion. According to the CCP, being associated with Islam or praying 5 times a day, shows that you could harbor extreme beliefs and therefore be related to terrorism. Using these metrics, they then take people and put them in these so-called “re-education camps.” If you are following so far, you’ll realize that these systems work in order to subjugate people who have lifestyles opposed to that of the CCP. Therefore, if you are a practicing Muslim, you “social credit score” will all it more likely be low.

What does low social credit score mean?

Well, if you can relate it to such a system in the United States such as Credit Scores, it would make a similar analogy. Although, the analogy may not be perfect. The point is that having a low score can affect your access to food, jobs, housing, security, hotels, and businesses. What is even more frustrating is that these systems will be automated. As we have seen the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence for facial recognition, which would automatically make you ineligible for certain services in the society. So, to add salt to injury, not only are Uyghur’s being imprisoned in the millions, but those who remain outside will have their lifestyles significantly damaged due to the new Social Credit policies. It is an attack on the people of Uyghuristan from two different angles. On the one hand, we are being told that those in re-education camps pose a danger to society, while on the other hand people will be disallowed from participating in the economy due to social credit.

In what other way do we think that people will be systematically killed and wiped off the face of the earth? We have frequently discussed already how there are reports of slave labor along with organ harvesting going on with the Uyghur’s. On top of all that, we find it fascinating that global communities still remain skeptical about the claims being made. Recently, we were able to make contact with a man in China, named Miradil Hasan, and he has been providing us with insider information on what is going on. We are trying to help him as much as we can in his endeavors to fight! He is truly a fearless man standing up to the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). He has agreed to work as an inside man for us, trying his best to get information that will help us prove the veracity of the claims being made against the CCP.

Truthfully, I do not believe that any more proof is needed in order to oust these horrible world actors. As we have seen action being taken by the United States congress that already suspects that there is persecution ongoing. Now, what we want to push for is really the liberation of our people. In no way, if these AI systems continue to segment populations, will we ever be able to live a free and peaceful life. Uyghur’s are basically being asked to give up their religion, their culture, and their way of life in order to comply with the CCP’s wishes.

In future posts, I will be updating on the situation of Miradil Hasan, as he truly wants to do all he can to expose this horrible regime. Not only are we wanting to expose them, but we also want our rights to self-determination. In our YouTube videos, we go over the history of these conflicts and why we have been cheated for many years. Putting my life and my family’s life in danger, I know that I am also on the radar of the CCP. Although, after seeing this man Miradil, I mustered hope and more courage to continue speaking out and exposing the evil. As the tag line says “Uyghur Man — Justice Believer” means that by no means will we stand down until Justice is Served!

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