Who is to blame for the Coronavirus epidemic?

During this worldwide epidemic of the coronavirus, the world is left struggling to keep their communities together as this disease ravages through the population. At a time like this, it is always more wise to tackle the problem we have in front of us rather than pointing fingers. Although, we still have to be wary of finding out who is to blame and hold them responsible.

Going back in time, we know that China had the first case of the disease in the Wuhan Market. The origins are not exactly known yet, but we do know that before it spread all over the world, it originated in Wuhan. After a doctor, Li Wenliang, tried to warn the world about the virus, he was shutdown and arrested for spreading propaganda. It is very suspicious that a medical professional trying to warn the world of one of the deadliest pandemics was silenced. Imagine if he was taken seriously? We could have literally saved thousands of lives and prevented the heartache of millions of people. So, from the first step to preventing any worldwide spread, there was gross negligence by the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). In light of this information, we would really have to place the blame at the hands of China for completely mishandling the situation.

Unfortunately for us, China has actually tried to turn the story around concerning who is to blame for the pandemic. In a tweet by a Chinese government official, they tried to blame the US Army for bringing the virus into the country. While this is preposterous, we need to look carefully at the effect of this kind of misinformation. As we know, the CCP has control of their state media and therefore heavily influence the opinions of its citizenry. It is very dangerous to have this kind of thinking out there, which has in turn sparked other accusations against China, claiming that it may have originated in a Wuhan virology lab. There have been no confirmed reporting of that actually being the case, but I still believe that there should be an investigation so that we really can get to the bottom of how this started.

Other than shutting down the doctor who tried to spread the word about the possible outbreak, China was not very honest about the severity of the situation. This caused world governments to not have a good picture of what was happening and therefore were unable to prepare for what was to come. It was incumbent upon China to communicate to the WHO exactly what was happening to help others prepare for the current disaster we are now facing. They should have been honest from the beginning and again, we would have been able to prevent the loss of lives and a gigantic blow to the world economy. It will take many years to recover from the hurt that this virus has brought, and to know that it could have been prevented really should make the world think hardly about possible punishments that China should face.

In conclusion, China really mishandled the situation from the beginning and they should own up to their mistakes rather than deflect using conspiracy theories.

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