We lost contact with our first Justice Fighter(Miradil Hasan), we are trying to find him

ORIGINAL POST DATE: September 8, 2020

Our first justice fighter, Miradil Hasan, in China has gone missing. We were glad to have met such a brave man, who was willing to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) while risking his life. We do not want to fear the worst, but we are certain that his life is in danger. The reason we know this is because he told us himself, that he is not sure how much longer he will be able to speak without getting shut down. Sadly, he was only able to make a few videos of his testimony, and 3 days later we lost contact with him.

He was truly an inspiration because he appeared on the Uyghur Man Channel out of no where. The first day I chatted with him, he told me how very soon he was going become a full Justice Believer. I believe that in the same way that he inspired me to be fearless, he also got motivation seeing me speaking out without fear of retribution. There are too many people that are scared of retaliation from the CCP, and so they do not want to speak up. I understand their fear, and could say that at some point in life I could have been the same way. It is truly something to fear that your family could be affected by the decisions you take speaking against the CCP. But, rather than remain fearful of the negative consequences of speaking out, I realize that the goal is somewhere in sight. Meaning, that there is a bigger picture that is more than me, more than my friends, more than my family, more than anybody. This thing is called: Justice! This is the highest idea of Uyghur Man, and it is much needed in times like this. Nobody is spending enough time focusing on how to free the people of Uyghuristan from the tyrannical hands of China. It has been, and will always be our duty to push for the change we want to see in the world.

Miradil Hasan is truly a hero worthy of much respect. Because he became truly fearless, he released his testimonial videos that exposed truths about concentration camps, formed marriages, and unfair wages aka slave labor. There is just too much to mention, but the laundry list is very long on the gross human rights violations being committed against Uyghur’s. What we wish is also that more and more people become fearless like Miradil. Just like how he inspired me to become more brave, being a homeless man living in the streets of China. It is in the same way that he felt inspiration while watching my livestream because I never leave any stone unturned when it comes to CCP.

Your imagination — It’s your only limitation

Because Uyghur Man can imagine a world where Uyghur’s secure their freedom, we will continue to fight towards this end. As many people that choose to join us on this journey, I invite them. Because certainly the evil never wins against good for too long. At some point, people will open their eyes and get fed up. Just like our friend Miradil, who shunned the system for so long. But after seeing that this wasn’t enough to put a dent in the power structure of the CCP, he decided to release videos speaking directly to the cause. In the same way, my intention is to continue following all justice fighters, and especially him. I wish he could know that we will not give up on trying to locate his whereabouts. I also wish that he knows that I will do all I can to share his story, so that he doesn’t just become another statistic. There is a big story in everything he is saying, and while people don’t believe some Uyghur’s outside the country, it is extremely rare to find someone speaking from within the confines of China.

The reason why it is so difficult for people in the country to speak out are many. One reason is that a lot of people are brainwashed and propagandized to believe that the CCP is a benevolent party. Another reason is that if you dare speak out, you can end up like the doctor in China that tried to warn us about the coronavirus. As you can see, it is not a very pleasant experience to think differently or stand up for justice.

Please, help us to share our message of bringing justice for Miradil Hasan. How? Share our post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Let’s build him a shield using the mass media, so that whoever is after him will get afraid.

Use the hashtag #SaveMiradilHasan

We will try as much as possible to continue contacting him. As soon as we get a hold of him, if ever possible, we will update you on his situation.

Finally, remember to become a Justice Believer Too!

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