Uyghurs for sale? - At what cost?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Humanity has always found itself at a crossroad when it comes to many of virtues we are supposed to extol. It has been mentioned in earlier articles how there are many times when we are faced with making a moral decision that will benefit groups of people. It was not too long ago that the Jews faced a great massacre at the hands of Nazi Germany. Horrendous crimes were carried out by Adolph Hitler when a nation killed millions of people at his behest. We could ask ourselves why this sort of thing is even possible when it is believed that humans should have empathy for one another. Looking to more of human history, we see that even during the times of slave trades, people went about their days without batting an eye. It makes one wonder, if there are evils that are going on in the world today that we are either completely ignorant of, or if we would rather not be bothered with pushing for change. From experience, if you were to ask any random person if they believed whether slavery should still exist in modern civilization, we would probably answer with a resounding "NO!" So, how come there are a people who are currently undergoing similar treatment that the Jews held back in the 1900's and slaves experienced hitherto. Human history is marred with such events of horrific nature. Today, in East Turkestan, there are millions of Uyghurs who are under extreme pressure to conform to the Chinese Communist Partie's(CCP) desires.


Any kind of "camp program" that targets a particular ethnic group could never end well. We have seen it in history with such things like the Japanese internment camps. Between 1942 and 1945, people of Japanese descent in the United States were interred in isolated camps. By Today's standards, modern civilization considers such acts to be completely atrocious. So, you would imagine that if such activities were going on anywhere in the world, that we would be standing up against it, right? Well, it turns out that one of the Western world's largest trading partners, China, is committing such acts sanctioned by the government to Uyghurs. As reported in earlier articles, Uyghurs are kept in isolated camps and we are supposed to believe that this is meant to "educate" them because they may hold "radical" views. In my last post, I mentioned how some of these radical views include things like: praying, adhering to Islams traditions of prayer, or desiring to go on pilgrimage to Mecca.


After the recent surge of the coronavirus in China, it has come to many peoples attention that people kept close confinements would face the most risk in such an outbreak. In this article from CNN, we see that Iran has taken a move to temporarily free up to 54,000 prisoners for fears that they might be exposed to the virus. Because of the lack of good sanitary conditions in prisons, and the close proximity of people to one another, they stand at great risk to contracting the virus and spreading it quickly. It makes one wonder, why wouldn't China make such a move in their so-called reeducation camps? If the virus originated in China, you would imagine that they would take all necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus especially to an entire ethnic group kept in closed camps.


It is not news that a lot of the worlds biggest corporations source a lot of their production from China. It is also widely known that many Chinese citizens work at very low wages to produce the goods and services much of the world enjoys today. From Apple iPhone's to Nike shoes, there are many products which are "Made in China." Now, it has come to our attention that many Uyghurs from the reeducation camps are siphoned to production factories where they are forced to work for free. Yes, you heard that right. They are being used as free labor to produce things for companies that much of the western world benefits from. As moral citizens of the earth, we should be speaking out against such companies. Although, it does get difficult because it would not be easy for these companies to know which products are created by legal workers and which ones were made by Uyghurs free labor. This is why we must call upon world governments to address this situation. If there was a time in the past that we abolished slavery, then we should be standing up against all sorts of resurgences of these societal ills. In previous articles, we have heard of the other kinds of atrocities the Uyghurs face at the hands of the CCP. Their organs are taken and sold off to the highest bidder, because they are not being held accountable for this behavior. We need to bring this information more into the human consciousness, because it seems that nobody is paying attention.

Let us all call on the attention of western corporations to use their own leverage to uncover these horrible things happening to Uyghurs. If not, we as a civilization of moral beings should boycott these companies in order to garner the attention of world governments.

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Stop the use of slave labor in order to produce the goods and services we currently enjoy. Many big companies such as Apple and H&M use these factories where Uyghurs are forced to work. Support the cause to end slave labor.



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