"Reeducation Camps" - Uyghur Families Broken Apart - #FREEUYGHURS

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Recently, I read in the New York Times, of how certain files have been leaked that show how the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) targets specific ethnicity's and religions in East Turkestan. It has come to our attention that the cover up of how the CCP are discriminating against an entire region is finally coming to light. Formerly, the CCP government officials claimed that these camps never even existed. When it finally came to the forefront of media attention that these detention centers really do exist, then they tried to re-brand these internment camps as reeducation camps. You always know that once a lie starts, another lie is usually followed to try and cover up the first lie. Once it was uncovered that these camps existed, it is fair to guess that they are also lying about these places being "job training" centers.


Look at this man named Sadam(@SMusapir). He is an Australian man who is unable to bring his wife and son from XinJiang to be with him. The Chinese authorities are holding his family captive, telling reporters that it is the wife that does not want to leave the land. Although, as you can see through proof in the photograph, his wife does want to leave but is being suppressed by the CCP. This is a typical case of many of the families in East Turkestan, including my parents whose passports have been seized. When you take away someone's passport, of course the only reason is to restrict their travel. This just adds weight to the claim of the CCP keeping surveillance on many families in the region, labeling some people extremists, and taking those who show slightest divergence to internment camps.


The documents that were leaked range into hundreds of pages and show several criteria that the CCP uses to label individuals they consider a threat to society. When I looked over some of these points, I was terrified to find out that the behaviors they see as dangerous are fundamental to a normal human being. Some signs of "wayward thinking" that they found include:

  1. Contemplating giving up alcohol

  2. Attending a funeral

  3. Desiring to go on a Muslim pilgrimage

  4. Praying regularly

  5. Refusing to eat certain kinds of food

If you look at the list of behaviors really closely, and you are a practicing Muslim, then you will fast discover that Muslims are being targeted for practicing their religion. Although the Chinese government claims that the policies in XinJiang are intended to "curb terrorism and separatism", we clearly see through these documents that the intention of such policies target the Uyghur people disproportionately. It is no secret that the predominant religion of Uyghurs is Islam, and so finding these reasons to detain them cannot be arbitrary. Now that this information has started to come to light, I wonder what kind of Public Relations spin China will start to put on the whole thing. A lot of the people that have helped us acquire these leaked documents did not want to give up their identities. Many of them still have family and friends that live in East Turkestan, and they fear what would happen to them if they were found to be connected to dissidents. In times like these, all we can do is pray and hope that world attention will shift towards these gross injustices being committed to the Uyghurs. We will continue to watch closely and advocate for people such as Sadam Abdusalam to be reunited with his family. The CCP needs to stop the lies and subjugation of the Uyghur people. #CloseTheCamps

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Stop the use of slave labor in order to produce the goods and services we currently enjoy. Many big companies such as Apple and H&M use these factories where Uyghurs are forced to work. Support the cause to end slave labor.



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