Q&A with Miradil Hasan - A Homeless Uyghur Freedom Fighter

In this post, I will be going over a Q&A I had the opportunity of asking to Miradil Hasan, also known to us as a Homeless Freedom Fighter. He agreed to have these answers posted so that the world could learn more about him. Today, we were supposed to be in contact with him to do a livestream where he would answer the audiences question. Although, we are sorry to say that we were unable to establish contact with him.

In place of what would have been a good opportunity for the audience to know Miradil better, and his plight for the Uyghurs, I will be posting the Q&A below. Just so that people can know in a more direct way a painting of who this man really is.

Questions and Answers

Q. How old are you?

A. I am 26 years old

Q. What is your educational background?

A. I went to college for three years in Jiangsu and studied English/Politics

Q. How long have you lived in Uyghuristan.

A. I lived In Uyghuristan for approximately 21 years.

Q. Do you have any family or friends that have been captured in concentration camps? Do you have their names and/or pictures?

A. Yes. I know some of their names. Although, I don't have any pictures. I can provide the names if and when necessary.

Q. Do you have the name of anyone that has been involved in force marriage, organ harvesting, slave labor?

A. I don't know about specifically forced marriage and organ harvesting. But I do know about slave labor. I shared it on my video.

Q. How long have you been homeless?

A. Since September 1, 2018. So for about 2 years now I’ve been living in the streets.

Q. When did you leave Uyghuristan?

A. I left my homeland in August 24, 2018. At this time, I cut off all communication with my family.

Q. How do you survive? How do you eat food and where do you sleep?

A. I just go to Hui Muslims restaurant and tell them. “Let me return money(pay you back) when I get money for food.” Sometimes they say “no problem you don't have to pay.” It is this way in which I am able to survive. From the kindness of the heart of other human beings.
I've been sleeping in KFC, McDonald's, or internet bars. During Covid-19, I didn't get a place to sleep. All places were closed. I either went to the hospital or tried to sleep on public benches or chairs.

Q.,Where are you parents / family right now? Are they being threatened? Are you still in contact with them?

A. My parent is living in Uyghuristan. I sadly have not been in contact with my parents or family, so I really do not know much about their situation.

Q. How many people, in your estimation, are currently held in concentration camps?

A. As I showed in a picture on a video of the camp where I went. I saw more than 60 people waiting to meet their family from outside. I saw this with my very own eyes, and saw that they were not allowed to make contact. It was a very tragic sight.

Q. What is your primary goal in speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)?

A. CCP is doing to my people such horrible things. It doesn’t matter if it is children, ladies or old people. I think as a human, I have a responsibility to disclose it. By the way, I want you to let foreigners knowing who CCP really is. Ask yourselves, are they good or evil? This is a question I need all foreigners to ask, as they consider whether or how to interact with China for these Human Rights Abuses.


Those were the 11 questions I had the chance to ask Miradil. During the interview, he noted that he was very short on time. It really seems that he rarely has the opportunity to make contact with us here at Uyghur Man. It is understandable, because we also noticed he tends to disappear from time to time. At this time, we are really trying to get in touch with him. We do hope that in this urgent situation he finds himself in, that the worse has not happened. The last time we spoke(09/05/2020), he said he was going to look for something to eat. And that he would be right back with us, although he has stopped responding to our calls or messages.

In any case, we believe we need to record this mans existence, because he is simply proof of the evil being committed by the CCP. It may be sad to say, but we have to act as his shield in the case that he may be detained. We have to keep the record, and be able to show the world what he was attempting to do. We realize that it is possible his videos may be taken down, and we have made sure to record his story before that happens.

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