Origin Story - What is Uyghur Man all about?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Every good story has an origin and everyone is who they are due to an abundance of influences. It has always been a saying of mine that we are all masterpieces, chiseled out of flesh and bone to produce the image that stands before you today. In my humble estimation, we are all the creations of God and we play a small part in his divine plan. Everything in the world is continuously held together by a commonality of matter, mind, and soul. And so, I would like to speak about this unity and how it actually led to my beginning Uyghur Man, which is what I have identified to be my life goal.

I've spoken about in several of my YouTube videos what it means to be a Justice Believer, and that is why this is the tagline of my website. I sincerely believe that in life you can either fight for good or for evil. It is not possible to be on neither side, because if you are seeing an injustice and doing nothing about it, then it is almost the same as fighting for evil. I do not say this to shame those who do not fight for justice, but if you only think about it logically, then you would know I am right.

For example, imagine there is a man hanging off the edge of a cliff using his hands. There is a button you can press that would shock him and make him fall to his doom. There is another button that you can press and it would immediately get him off the cliff and back to safety. So you only have two options, right? Well, not really. You can also decide to DO NOTHING. You don't press the button to save him, but you also do not press the button to send him to his doom.


Some people may say that the obvious ethical decision is to press the button to save this man. Pressing the button to shock him and send him flying, in most peoples opinion, would be the evil thing to do. But, what if you do not do anything at all. You allow the man to hang, and leave things in the hands of fate. Maybe the man will muster the strength and be able to climb off the ledge securing his own freedom. Or, maybe he will fall into the abyss, but either way, you consider that whatever happens is not going to be your fault. In my vision of justice, not doing anything when there is something you can do is the same as condemning the man to death.

As a justice believer, it is only right to assume that those who do not support justice are complacent with evil. My reason for this, is that if people were to keep silent and not fight for what they believe is right, then the world would still be controlled and ruled by only few powerful families. Yes, even right now we have vast inequalities and injustices in even the most developed of countries, but it is certainly less than if people did not put pressure for change to occur. Many people laid down their lives for us all, especially in the USA, to have the current freedom that we enjoy. I will say that there is still much to fight for but we know that for sure there is a right way and wrong way to do things. If you have this basic understanding, then you should always do what you can to speak up. It does not have to be a grandiose action in order for it to be noble. You do not have to be the next Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King, but in your own way, you can always stand for what is right. If you see a woman climbing the stairs out of the subway station, with a baby carriage, just stop and ask her if she needs help. Offer to reduce the energy and stress she will have to spend on climbing those stairs. I can guarantee you that even if she does not immediately reward you, God sees everything and no good deed goes without a notice from God.


I know, you may be thinking, what does any of this have to do with the creation of Uyghur Man. Well, I'm gonna tell you how. But first, I will have to tell you the story of how I came to this point in time.

A major point in this journey was when I came to the United States to begin my masters degree in Chemistry. I arrived in a small town in Upstate New York called Oswego. This was an important part of my journey, because little did I know, I was about to meet many people who would confirm many of my beliefs about fighting for justice. In this little town, during my first year of my M.S. degree, I met my good friend and partner, Jerry. He is from Nigeria, and we instantly bonded upon meeting through a mutual friend, Shane who is an American. We only knew each other for a couple of weeks, and just before the fall semester began in 2016, we decided to become roommates. Together with Shane, who was also a housemate, we all lived together, ate together, smiled together, laughed and cried together.

During our time together, we had a lot of fun as most college students do. At the time, Jerry was completing his B.S. in Computer Science and we figured that sharing the same space we would be able to motivate each other to improve ourselves. This began our journey to what we saw as self-development. Having similar backgrounds of leaving our home countries to a somewhat strange land, we discovered that the people we meet can end up being the only kind of family we have. After quickly becoming acquainted with one another, we would have many philosophical discussions on topics ranging from life, death, religion, politics, social issues, morality and much more. As a Uyghur Man from China, I also always had a bit of difficulty with the English language. I found it extremely beneficial to have found a friend I could discuss many things with, meanwhile improving my vocabulary. A lot of the improvement in the English language would later give me more confidence to become a teaching assistant for chemistry courses being taught to undergraduate students. I quickly started to become more adjusted to the American society and one thing that I knew, was that it is better to live a life of freedom than to be oppressed and treated like cattle back in my homeland.

One of the funny moments I remembered was when I asked Jerry what some of his favorite books were, and the first book he mentioned was "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. This was an utter moment of synchronicity for me, because low and behold, I was giggling and walked over to my book shelf and pulled out the same book which was on the outermost part of the first row. We spoke about the book and how we were both greatly influenced by what seemed to be a simple story. In a sense, at that moment we started to understand that our paths were intertwined and we would eventually come to find the materialization of the lessons learned in that book in our own very lives.

During the couple years of being roommates with Jerry, we came to an agreement that due to our kindred spirits, we would someday assist each other in our life goals. The story I began with above with the man on the cliff, alludes to the kind of conversations we had concerning society. Constantly trying to figure out what the right thing to do, we would always ask questions like "What if I am not rich or powerful enough to make any decent change in the world?" We would wonder if the acquisition of power or money would actually create more damage than we could repair if we chose to pursue success in order to help others. These were powerful and tough questions to answer, as we headed towards graduation and would have to figure out what to do with our lives afterwards. I will say though, that this time was a concatenation of major shaping events and gives voice to the chiseling of stone effect I described earlier.


A lot of you may be wondering what kind of politics or worldview I subscribe to. You may be thinking, well this guy came from communist China, and so maybe he is just jumping into capitalism. You may correctly think, that after coming to the USA, I came to see the beauty of capitalist economies and so I now believe this to be the ultimate way. If you believe this, you would be very wrong. What I am fighting for far supersedes any sort of political system or thought. In reality, as I started explaining at the beginning of this post, there is only right and wrong. In every situation, for the betterment of society, there is always the correct thing to do. Love is what binds us all as humanity, regardless of race, creed, color, height, age, ethnicity, language, favorite song or whatever! And because of my great love that I cultivated for the rights of every human being, I decided to fight for what is right. I decided to become a Justice Believer. If a situation arises that needs policies that seem "socialist", then yes lets go ahead and implement these policies. If another time arises where we need to implement "capitalist" policies, then be my guest. All of these labels only matter for describing what we are doing and making it intelligible to ourselves, others, future generations, and possibly *ALIENS*. Just kidding.

But in all seriousness, I really do believe on the current path I am on as an Uyghur Man. The creation of this movement is so that people really do understand to be a Justice Believer. Together with my friend, Jerry, I came to establish the avenues afforded to me by social media to promote what I believe to be just and right. Thankfully, I met him because he really helps me out with the technical side of creating content due to his own expertise in Computer Science. We have vigorous conversations almost daily and we challenge each other, just like we used to when we were in college, to persevere and continue to fight for what we believe in. If there is anything in this world that is worth fighting for, it is justice! And long ago, I decided that if I am going to spend my time on this earth, I might as well fight for what is right. I had a lot of experiences in China and USA that many would consider to be a really good life. From a young age, I got to know many of the pleasant and pleasurable sides of life, but I knew that there has to be more to life than just self-gratification. As humans, I have found that what separate us from animals and other species is our ability to consciously affect the course of reality. I am not taking anything away from animals either, for those who might want to claim "specie-cism", because everything on Gods earth has its place. But, I am also correctly establishing the the human endeavor is one which can either provide an abundance of good or great evil. Fighting this evil is what I believer in, and I implore you all to join me on this journey as well. Together, we can all be Justice Believers !


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