More than 40+ Hours with no sign or contact with Miradil Hasan

ORIGINAL POST DATE: September 7th, 2020

If you’ve been listening, watching, reading or following us for the past few days, you will know that we are trying to save the life of Miradil Hasan. He is a brave and fearless fighter who has come out in China to speak against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) harsh treatment of Uyghur’s. The practice of concentration camps and forced labor must come to an end. Miradil is admirable because he gave up everything in order to have the freedom of speech to expose the CCP.

The last time we were able to contact him was on Saturday(09/05/2020). At that time, we had planned to be on a livestream on YouTube together, because a lot of people all over the world wanted to ask him questions about his condition. People were very worried, as they should be, about his safety. We even had certain advocates in our Discord Sever suggesting we help him find a route of escape from China. Of course, we are unable to do any of that now as we do not even know where he is. He uses a VPN and free internet to communicate with the outside world.

He has been homeless for 2 years, and the shelter he normally takes is in restaurants like KFC or McDonald’s. Knowing this information, we just hope that he wasn’t able to charge his phone recently or he might be on the move. The reason he might be on the move is because he realized that the CCP has police looking for him. Because of this, he constantly has to be going from one area to the next, and has even told me that he was contacted by the police. After receiving this phone call from the Chinese cops, he had to get rid of this phone.

What do we need from you all?

Through our YouTube channel, Uyghur Man, we are making it a big deal to share as much information concerning Miradil. We truly believe that the more media and public attention he gets, the safer he will be. You see, even though we are unable to fly him out of the country, we know that the power of social media can buy him a lot of time. So, we are using the Hashtag #SaveMiradilHasan on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and anywhere else you can think of sharing this information.

Imagine, being on the run from the CCP for years and finally you make contact with someone willing to help you. How would you feel if that person didn’t do all they could in their power to save your life. To add to this, he is not only doing this fight for himself but for all of Uyghuristan. Before running away from his hometown, he was aware that you could get a lower end job and try surviving. Although, after realizing that there is no such a thing as social/economic mobility for Uyghur’s, he knew that he had to leave the system and fight! So, we ask you all to join Uyghur Man in fighting to save Miradil, and by extension all Uyghur’s. Share this post with your friends, family, social network but more importantly Tweet or Facebook this at news channels or journalists.

LET US #SaveMiradilHasan

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