Is the Coronavirus a biological weapon?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I am sure you have all heard about the current outbreak of the coronavirus in China. Steve Bannon, who is on the popular news show "Americas Voice: War Room" spoke to an analyst named Bill Gertz who wrote an article on biological labs as testing grounds for certain biological weapons.

As reported in the Washington Times, the virus may have originated in a lab that is specifically interested in bio-warfare programs.

You can check out what they talk about in this video.

It is important to see that if this was true, the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is only interested in preserving their power. There is a certain crisis in the city of Wuhan, where there is civilian research going on in this city. Even though we do not know whether the coronavirus originated from this research center, it is safe to assume that if this were true, they are reacting strongly by putting military in the city in order to protect their power. They are only interested in protecting the communist state and normally would not even care whether thousands of people die from this virus. The thing is that if it were discovered that this virus resulted from their weapons program, they would be in danger of discovery by other world governments. China deals a lot in secrecy and we know this because all their media is state controlled. We know that websites such as "Google" as inaccessible in China because they do not want the free flow of information to its inhabitants.

Another reason why there could have been a lock down in the city of Wuhan is that they want to study the effects of the outbreak of the virus. Just like in a science experiment, sometimes you want to see what the results of such a weapon could have on your target by doing some trials. I believe that this situation needs to be investigated more closely to shed light on the activities of the CCP and possible gross human rights violations that may be occurring. I am particularly concerned about this in fear of such weapons being used to commit mass genocide. As I spoke about in a previous blog post, the Uyghurs are being held in large detention centers in very large numbers. This means that without protections of safety masks, a single person having this virus could spread it to an entire population. I am not saying that this is the goal, but I am certainly afraid of what the CCP could do with such weapons to my community.

Adding to my concerns concerning the mass incarceration of Uyghurs, I saw that all flights from Wuhan to other Chinese cities were cancelled to keep the outbreak "under control." There is a city named Urumchi and this is where the majority of Uyghurs live. The flights to this city from Wuhan was not cancelled. I will not draw any conjectures from this information but, it is definitely something to think about.

If there is such a secret program such as this, I believe that we need more investigation into the matter. Although, I am very sure that the strict policies of the state would never allow this information to see the light of day. In either case, the people must be vigilant and not be surprised if it turns out that this outbreak was possibly an experiment gone wrong, or even worse, an experiment gone completely how it was supposed to. We must hope for the best, but fear the worse.

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