How To Boycott "Made in China" - 3 Quick Steps

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Recently, many of you have been asking me how they can join the "Justice Believer's" journey. I would say that there are always many ways to contribute to the world in any way that you can. In another post, I spoke about how we should make our voice heard through our power as consumers. A lot of monopolies and corporations do not listen to anything you have to say until they start feeling it in their bottom line. The truth is that their interests only become aligned with ours when they start to lose money, and they are able to rationalize that listening to the consumer can have an impact on how they make profits. In today's post we are going to be going over how to boycott a company, and in this case how to boycott an entire country.

1. Identify your CAUSE

First things first, all boycotts have some kind of cause. They have something they truly believe in that they would love to see implemented in the society. This could range from the unfair treatment of women in our society by companies not providing women's products, to the unfair use of labor that a company practices by using child labor. All these kinds of behaviors are what in modern society are seen as undesirable qualities because they lead to an inequitable community.

In the case of Uyghur Man and other justice believers, we would like to begin a movement to boycott any goods coming from China. The reason for this is because of very unfair treatment of Uyghur workers, and even some Chinese indigenous people face similar unfairness. The same workers that are kept in concentration camps are transported to working facilities where they create goods and services free of charge. Some of the biggest companies around the world utilize the kind of labor that produces many of the clothing, video games, and food that we consume daily. In order to make a dent in this behavior we would like to urge people to join our fight and blow up this movement.

2. IDENTIFY which products you usually buy

This is an important and crucial step to really having an impact with a movement like this. In this step, we will go through our laundry list of items that we normally buy. This is also a good step that will make you more conscious of things you consume daily. Who knows?, this might even be an opportunity to correct your budget.

Lets say for example your list looks something like this:

Monthly Purchases

  • Clothes(Shirts, Underwear, Jeans, Shoes)

  • Water

  • Cereal

  • Technology(Phones, Laptops, Headphones)

For a list like this, you should now look for ones that have a "Made in" label, and just make sure it does not say "MADE IN CHINA." It may only look like a small act, but if thousands or even millions of us are able to do it, our action will be felt throughout the world. Companies realize very quickly when they start losing money, and it will not take long for them to find our movement online and have to take our concerns seriously.

3. CHANGE Your Buying Habits

After identifying which products you use that are made in China, we must consciously shift our mind so that whenever we make a purchase, that it is not made by slaves. This is the only way which we can have a real impact and give a voice to the voiceless Uyghurs in East Turkestan.

Every single item that you buy that is made in China, has a huge potential of being made by Uyghur slave labor. Because we cannot identify exactly which products are being made by wage labor vs slave labor, we must cast this wide net so that the criminals come out of hiding. They must be accountable to world government bodies such as the United Nations and not be committing crimes to humanity. Everyone that works deserves a wage for what they help in producing. It is disgusting that the CCP would consider using Uyghurs for their dirty games.

Finally, make sure to spread more awareness about our movement by using the hashtag(#) #StopMadeBySlave on all your social media. We are hoping that this movement can grow into the millions and the ordinary person can finally know that a genocide level event is currently happening in China. Although people are starting to wake up to these facts, it seems that world governments are being too slow to act and as citizens of humanity, we must sometimes take things into our own hands.

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Stop the use of slave labor in order to produce the goods and services we currently enjoy. Many big companies such as Apple and H&M use these factories where Uyghurs are forced to work. Support the cause to end slave labor.



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