Homeless Uyghur Fighter shares his story with Uyghur Man

Miradil Hasan is an Uyghur man who has undergone a lot of hardship at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. He is a hero that is now speaking out against the government whom is keeping his people in captivity. He has given his testimony on YouTube, which will be linked in this article. Through my channel, Uyghur Man, I had the opportunity to interview him about his situation.

He originally reached out to me to try finding someone in western media that could help him share his story. I was astonished from what he was recanting to me, letting me know what he has witnessed. He is currently a homeless man living in mainland China, on the run from the CCP. He constantly is on the move, because he realizes that because he is speaking out, the government forces are onto him. He uses a VPN in order to communicate with the outside world. This is because the internet systems in China do not allow for you to access websites such as YouTube or Facebook. Everything they do is filtered through a central network that makes sure there is no dissidence among its population. In a sense, Miradil is now trying to exist off the grid, while at the same time relating some information to us as he sees it.

In his testimonial, he was able to confirm the harsh practices and imprisonment of the Uyghurs. He confirmed that people are kept in concentration camps and are not allowed to communicate anymore with their family. He confirmed also the fact of forced marriages that are going on between Uyghur’s and Han Chinese. He has spoken to and interacted with families whom have had their sons and daughters taken away from them.

In his bravery, he is living day to day, not really knowing which will be his last day to live. The last time he communicated with me was through a livestream I hosted on YouTube, where he confirmed that he spent the night sleeping in a KFC restaurant. This is due to the fact that as an Uyghur, he is not allowed to rent a hotel or have a space to stay. When you go to rent a place, you’re asked for your Identification and Uyghur’s are not allowed to do that. He is also unable to secure a job or a way of feeding himself for this same reason.

In this article, I would want to implore everyone, western media, journalists to listen to this mans story. He has agreed to have me as a way to communicate with the rest of the world. As I am an Uyghur Man, and a justice believer, I find it to be my duty to assist him in any way I can. The only way that people will start to believe what is going on in East Turkestan is when testimonies like this start to surface. It is not the case that what we have been saying is fiction or not happening, but rather there is a lot of suppression of this information going on. I feel as if the world is not doing their responsibility on allowing this injustice to continue happening. Now, we have firsthand proof of what has happened to the brave fighter, Miradil. In following posts, we will be showing exact questions and asked to him, along with photo evidence. We will gather as much information from him as possible to assist us proving the authenticity of his story. Stay Tuned to Uyghur Man’s media channels and you will hear more about this in the near future.

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