Holding China Accountable

We have seen so much damage that has been done to the world due to the coronavirus epidemic, and the world has had enough. China needs to be held accountable for this disaster they have brung upon us all. Reviewing some of the facts:

    ⁃    China was dishonest about the virus existing. They tried to silence doctors that were trying to warn us all.

    ⁃    They do not cooperate with international organizations to conduct investigations

    ⁃    They have made life unbearable for many Africans, claiming that they have coronavirus.

    ⁃    There have been over 3 million confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide and over 212 thousand deaths. This is not just an impact on the world's economies, but also to so many families that are grieving.

The United Nations has reported that over $1 trillion has been lost directly due to the coronavirus epidemic(

) Because of all the damage they have caused to the world, they should be held accountable to pay a lot of the damages received. It will only be fair that they contribute towards fixing the world's economy since they truly mishandled this whole situation.

What has China done instead?

Instead of speaking of how they will pay for this, they have been trying to champion themselves as heroes who are going around the world saving people. They still send Uyghurs to the workplaces that are unsafe, just to keep their economy going. It is really sad to see how low they are stooping to prop up themselves rather than accepting blame as any reasonable country would do.

The truth is the world is afraid of offending China.

Imagine if any other world nation were accused of hiding evidence of a world pandemic. We would start seeing sanctions against that country right away. Why has there been no such action against China? It is because we are so reliant on China for trade and until this is fixed, the world governments will keep bowing to China. Recently, we saw some great action being taken on the part of the Nigerian government. The House of Representatives Speak, Femi Gbajabiamila, met with the Chinese ambassador to Nigeria and questioned them harshly on the actions they were taking against Nigerian citizens in their country. This is after hearing that residents were being given 2 hours notice and evicted from their homes, claiming that they have the coronavirus. We need more actions such as these to show solidarity against China.

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