Good Guys vs Bad Guys

It has started coming to the world's attention that there is a huge possibility that the coronavirus started as a leak from the Wuhan Virology lab. If you have been following Uyghur Man for some time, you’ll notice that we have been echoing this reality since the beginning. Many countries have tried holding back and defending China for fear of being called racist for saying the virus may have been accidentally released.

In a recent interview on Fox News, Donald Trump has suggested that it is very possible that the virus was leaked from the lab. He did not take any stance as to whether it was intentional or not, but he did point to the fact that it was suspicious for China to ban flights from Wuhan to other parts of China, while not canceling international flights. This leads him to believe that even if it were an accident, there is a possibility that they allowed the whole world to suffer along with them after discovering that there may be some benefit from the chaos it would create. In either case, I believe that the truth will soon be known after more investigations are carried out by differing intelligence agencies.

The UK intelligence agency has gone on record saying that they never believed the initial reports from China of their death toll. Recently, China has revised its death toll to increase it from 3,342 to 4,632 which is around 50% of its initial reports. (

Seeing this new information, we are likely to see a lot of information being revised as the world starts to hone in on the truth of what really happened in Wuhan. If it ends up being true that China knew a lot more than they let on, we will likely see harsh sanctions from world governments on the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). It will be horrible to discover that they knowingly allowed a pandemic to happen in the world which has destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives. Only one person dying because of negligence is too much, and we have a lot more than that.

We will continue following the news closely to keep you all up to date on the newest information being released about this pandemic. In the meantime, we need to give credit to the world's intelligence agencies who are trying to get to the bottom of this whole fiasco.

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