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Recently, we told you all about a certain homeless Uyghur justice fighter(Miradil Hasan) who has gone missing. We have our hopes up that he is just in hiding, and that he will soon resurface. Although, regardless of whether he has been captured, we would like to place pressure on his captors to release him due to media attention.

We believe that if we can popularize his story, the world will turn their eyes towards him. And the kindness and compassion of the world attention can set him and other Uyghur’s free. Don’t get me wrong. This fight is not only for Miradil, but for all Uyghur’s being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). We have written so many articles concerning the treatment of an entire people, nation, or culture. You need to understand that this is an urgent issue, and the more we turn our face away from the suffering, the more China feels emboldened to continue treating Uyghur’s in this despicable manner. Yes, I know that the United States Congress has passed some laws concerning the issue. Even though this is all well and good, I don’t believe it goes far enough to end concentration camps, forced marriages, organ harvesting and much more gross human rights violations. From what I understand from this bill, it does mainly two things:

1. property-blocking sanctions on the identified individuals and entities

2. visa-blocking sanctions on the identified individuals.

The bill goes further to speak about making an “investigation” into claims of human rights violations related to forced labor and unfair imprisonment. The issue with this is that there really is nothing to investigate anymore. This bureaucratic red tape being put over the process of retaliation against China only serves to strengthen the Chinese Communist Party. It is obvious that they will simply claim that these are not internment camps, and that there is no forced labor going on. As they have already told us that these are simple re-education camps against extreme belief systems. As discussed in our previous article, China is already taking steps to implement a Social Credit System, which will obviously implement these racist policies.

The mass surveillance tools that the bill is supposed to stop China from acquiring are already in place. Through my videos, I have already testified that these tools are being used already in the Xinjiang province. People cannot go outside without being tracked by cameras wherever they go. Facial recognition to make sure that you are not adhering to any Islamic rituals. Having to attend a morning gathering to pay respect to the Chinese Communist Party regime in front of statues and flags.

Recently, we encountered another man that is within China, and he is an Uyghur, who is willing to become a fearless justice fighter. He located us through Uyghur Man videos on YouTube and wishes for us to continue being the voice of Uyghur’s. He pleaded with us not to reveal his identity, and we already knew better than to do that. After what has happened with Miradil Hasan, we really know that this is very risky territory. We will continue to work with what will be our 2nd Justice Fighter in China, to try and bring you more information on his experience of this terrible CCP. He will work with us to relay us his experience, and we will try our best to protect him in any way we can. He has also asked us if there is a way to contact the American embassy in China, and we’ve given him as much information as possible to assist him in his endeavors.

The reason we are making these articles is to fill the airwaves with content that is highlighting the truth about Uyghuristan. The self determination of a people should never be ignored! To help us in achieving this goal of freedom, please watch the following video and get us to 1000 Likes. If more, it could be better, because the more the merrier.

Just through the simple action of Watching, Liking, and Sharing you will be helping bring justice to Uyghur’s all over the world. If you have ever thought of what you can do to help struggling people in the world, this is a direct action to accomplish that.


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