Coronavirus - Whodunit? China and USA point fingers

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

In the recent past two months, we have seen a virus that started in a Wuhan market quickly spread all over the world in a matter of weeks. Many governments, such as the USA, have declared national state of emergencies in order to curb the spread of the virus. This viral outbreak has caused much havoc to peoples lives in many different areas. We have seen the virus claim lives and also took a big hit on economies. The big question still remains which is "How did this all start?" The official answer to this question, as provided by several Chinese scientists, is that they were likely contracted by a transmission of the virus from bats to humans. They say that the bat coronavirus shares around 96% of the genetic material as the novel coronavirus(COVID-19). While it looks like the mystery has been solved on the origins of the virus, there is a lot of background chatter that suggests more nefarious sources of the virus.


Not long after the spread of the coronavirus in Wuhan, many people online started sharing information in regards to how coincidental that a high security lab that studies deadly viruses was in the same city as the outbreak. Naturally, people started to speculate whether the virus might have mistakenly spread out of that virology center. More aggressive claims were that the research center actually houses a secret biowarfare factory. Between these two poles of theories, people believed that it was just too coincidental that the virus started in that area. A former Israeli military intelligence officer, Dany Shoham, told the Washington Times that the institute in Wuhan is linked to a "covert biological weapons program." Many news outlets and YouTube Channels are running with this theory and it has started to gain some traction online.

Although, as of right now, we cannot say for sure whether any of these theories have any basis in reality. We do know that a Lancet article condemns any theories that try to claim that COVID-19 may have been bioengineered. For those who may not know, Lancet is a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal. It is among the world's oldest, most prestigious, and best known general medical journals. Professor Linda Saif, who is part of a Food Animal Health research program, has gone on record saying that scientists are narrowing down the possible hosts of the virus to bats and/or pangolins.


It looks like the pendulum is now swinging the other way, in terms of theories of how the virus started spreading. In a New York Times article, we are seeing that Chinese news stations and officials are making claims that the virus was introduced by the United States Army when they visited Wuhan back in October. Even though there was no evidence provided by China to support these claims, they were endorsed by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These sort of accusations against the United States only more damages the relationship between the two countries, which has already been on a downward trend. Last year, we saw how the US was accusing China of stealing proprietary technologies of US companies. There was also a long trade war that was initiated by President Donald Trump. In line with these conflicts, we now see that there is even more mistrust being created.

Not long after the outbreak of the coronavirus, China started many campaigns intended to paint a picture that would not have them to blame for mishandling the pandemic. It was originally called the "Wuhan virus", but after push back from officials in the World Health Organization(WHO), who were afraid that such a name would sow xenophobia, they coined the name COVID-19. China's leader, Xi Jinping, is afraid of negative feelings that may be attributed to China when the news depicts that the outbreak was grossly mishandled. If we look at much of the news that was peddled in Chinese state media, we see that they highlighted their ability to build very large hospitals in only a matter of weeks. This is in sharp contrast to many of the videos we have seen on Facebook and Twitter that show Chinese inhabitants undergoing harsh treatment from government officials. We see people being forcibly locked in their homes and even getting arrested for suspicion of having the virus.


So, we come to the conclusion that it is only natural for humans to look for an explanation to the events going on around us. The coronavirus, which is a biological reality, gives rise to other human made viruses that spread via ideas and hypotheses. It is dangerous to deal with conspiracy theories because if it becomes widely believed, there can be risks of war between nations. If it turns out that two powerful countries go to war against each other, based on unfounded speculation, then it becomes more of a tragedy than it already is. It is recommended that we all employ restraint when looking for the causes of the current pandemic we are now in. We should raise an eye in suspicion when we see anyone claiming to know the culprits of this all, without proper evidence.

As always, Uyghur Man is here to propagate information that will lead to the release of people being held in internment camps. I have said in previous articles that these unfortunate world events tend to distract us from many of the real problems going on in China. One of these problems is that there is starting to be insurmountable evidence that Uyghurs have been used as guinea pigs in the widest sense.

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