Coronavirus could be The Biggest Scapegoat of all time

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I'm sure we all remember a time in life where we either witnessed or were the victim of the "He/She did it!" phrase. This usually occurs when a person has committed what could be perceived of as a crime and in order to absolve themselves from blame, the person protests by placing blame on someone else. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book which is made primarily to sow confusion in the judge and jury so that the perpetrator can escape without punishment.

If you are a 90's kid, I am pretty sure you would remember the classic song "It wasn't Me" by Shaggy. This song, yet very funny, tells us an important truth about the human nature. Sometimes if you just keep repeating something enough times, this thing you say can become the truth in people's minds. You just have to say it enough times and say it loud enough that after some time, people start to question whether if the person in question is truly guilty. You may start to hear people say things like "well, he said he didn't do it. Maybe he didn't." This little seed of doubt is a craftily placed one that is meant to sow confusion in the fertile soil of imaginative, or rather unimaginative minds. In this song, Shaggy continues to repeat "It wasn't me" after being caught red handed cheating on his significant other multiple times. The song became so popular that people started to use the phrase "It wasn't me" in all kinds of freakish scenarios. You get caught red handed stealing meat out of the pot, you just proclaim "It wasn't me. Your eyes must be deceiving you."

This slight digression was done to bring us to the topic of the day, which is a situation that I have been reporting on for some time. In other articles I have said how China has Uyghur people in so called "reeducation camps" and that international attention was moving in the direction of this humanitarian disaster. The truth, as I have been saying and will continue to say, is that this is more accurately described as detention centers. The sadder truth is that because the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is unwilling to be open about what occurs in these detention centers, we actually do not know how many people are presently there. We do not know if they are mostly dead or alive, and in what conditions they are being kept and treated.

One of the tools the Chinese government has employed for millennia is what is known as "The Thirty-Six Strategies.". These are a kind of rules of conduct, similar to the popular book "48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene in the West. In this instance, I believe that the particular strategy number 21 called "Shed Your Skin Like The Golden Cicada." The main point of this strategy is to notice when your enemy is closing in on you. When you identify that you are currently in a losing position, you are tasked with creating an illusion or distraction so that you may escape and regroup. In times of chaos, your defenses will be low and it is hard to plan and coordinate without being exposed. I believe that this strategy also gives an opportunity to create falsehoods and spread these like wildfire. That is the beauty of the strategy. The allure of magic is that even though you are looking right at what is happening, your eyes lie to you. In this case, the abundance of information on the coronavirus plays to a psychological bias that we have called the "availability bias." The abundance of evidence psychological trick is when you provide a lot of information arguing one point of view, without giving any information regarding opposing sides. This abundance of information usually tricks the viewer or reader into believing that there is just so much "evidence" of certain facts, that the conclusion must be true.

While the song "It wasn't me" is a good funny tune, there is one thing in the song did not have that the Chinese government may have when they try to absolve themselves from crimes against the Uyghur people. The CCP has a scapegoat that cannot even speak for itself even if it were asked. The coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in China and we already know that numbers of deaths are likely being vastly under-counted. From my previous article, I mentioned how crematoriums were being run on a 24/7 cycle in order to keep up with the number of bodies being brought in from hospitals and private homes. The worst fear I had seems to be a plausible reality and that is that Uyghurs in detention centers could be massacred and have the blame put on the infamous coronavirus.


Even though I have been speaking on such theories for some time, I am not the only one that believes the coronavirus can be used as a scapegoat to detract away from what the world is coming to know as "concentration camps" in East Turkestan. Metro, a UK based newspaper, reported that escapees of these detention centers have become whistle blowers saying that in these centers Muslims are "gang-raped, physically and mentally tortured." Does this sound familiar? Yes, even though we sometimes like to forget, there was a time where the evil dictator Adolph Hitler gathered Jews and committed similar atrocities on a host of peoples. Similarly, he believed that this race of people were somehow inferior or evil and that the nation was in need of cleansing.

There are too many Uyghur people who do not know whether their parents are alive or dead after being cut off from communication due to their dissent. I constantly have the same fear as I continue on my denunciation of the CCP and all the ills they are committing to a people who want nothing more than to live in peace. This is all also happening around the the anniversary of what is known as the "Ghulja Massacre", when over a hundred people were killed and tortured for demonstrating against the CCP. Speaking out against such ills, I would want to go down in history as speaking out against such atrocities being committed by a ruthless governmental force.

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Stop the use of slave labor in order to produce the goods and services we currently enjoy. Many big companies such as Apple and H&M use these factories where Uyghurs are forced to work. Support the cause to end slave labor.



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