Why Uyghur Muslims are in a state of crisis

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Adding to what we have been talking about lately, we know that the Chinese Communist Party is attacking the Uyghur way of life. Recently reported by CBC, we find that the Chinese police have gone into communities to detain our people and take them to concentration camps. They lie and call them, re-education camps for extreme terrorists. In many of these centers, they show groups of children pretending to be taking dance lessons and make it look as if there is nothing bad going on. As Professor Olsi Jazexhi said in an interview with CBC “The Chinese told us that they have brought extremists into these detention centers.” After investigating the claims, it was discovered that a lot of these children are not terrorists. They are normal people of the religion of Islam and being treated as terrorists for their faith and refusal to adhere to the Chinese communist’s motto of having no religion except the state.

Professor Jazexhi also says “these are actually massive brainwashing centers” as described in George Orwell’s 1984. This provides us a glimpse into the very scary and dark nature of the Chinese communist party’s desire to suppress any form of divergence from obeying the state. In my opinion, they are afraid that if Uyghurs are able to preserve their culture, there is a high chance that there will be rebellion against the state, and they want to squash all possibility of such occurrences. This is certainly all about power and control of the population.

The number of people in Xinjiang currently being held in detention centers are around 1 million in population. American reporters are not allowed into the facilities that are called “education camps” by the Chinese government.

Yeah right? Education Camps where they are indoctrinating the Uyghur people to become communist robots.

The mass detention centers containing Uyghurs is a gross violation of basic human rights and I am appalled that the world stands idly by, doing nothing. I have a voice and I will speak up about the injustices being committed to my people. It is my goal to shed light on the atrocities being committed by China, especially because there is a direct relationship between what they do and the troubles my community faces. I must contribute to setting free my people in some way and this is the only way I know how to. For more content on what is going on in China and to hear the truth, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I will frequently be posting information about the hidden agenda of the Chinese Communist Party and provide news for all to see.

Stop the use of slave labor in order to produce the goods and services we currently enjoy. Many big companies such as Apple and H&M use these factories where Uyghurs are forced to work. Support the cause to end slave labor.



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