China continues lies about deaths - Brutality - People locked up in their homes

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Recently, there have been so many leaked videos online of the kind of brutality people in China are facing, especially since the emergence of the coronavirus. You can find many videos of police and military beating up women and children for what looks like no good reason. In a country besieged by what looks like a viral outbreak, you would think the last thing the government wants to do is subject its citizens to further pain by arresting and beating them up.

In more disturbing news, my sources inside China have been communicating to me that people are not only being advised to stay indoors, but in many cases the police lock up their apartment buildings. My own family is victim to these new rules or curfews, and are not even able to buy food or water from the market. With them, this has been going on for at least the last 25 days. That is, it has almost been a month since normal operations have been able to resume in East Turkestan. If this is going on all the way in my city, I can imagine that the people of Wuhan are being subjected to much more forms of torture.

In some of these even more disturbing videos, we see people getting dragged like cattle out of their homes and into a police vehicle. What is their reason for being arrested? We can see family and friends trying to stop the police from taking their mother, brother, sisters away from them. Is this what the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) means when they say that they are doing their best to contain the outbreak? I don't see how going to peoples homes and stripping them of their freedom, helps in any case to save anyone from anything.

It is getting so bad that in one of the videos I saw last week, a person is seen trying to climb out of their apartment building on the top floor from their balcony to a balcony below. While attempting to drop down onto the balcony below, the persons hand slips and they fall to their death for what looks like a 10-15 floor fall. It was a very tragic site to see, but the reason I mention this, is because it is starting to look like this is becoming the common trend since the outbreak.


According to Aljazeera, The official report of the death toll in mainland China is 1,868 with 72,436 infections so far. As I have been reporting in other articles, we cannot believe these numbers due to the fact that what we are seeing on social media suggests otherwise. It is also a fact that crematoriums are being run 24/7 in many cities around China. With this vast cover up of the actual number of deaths in China, we should fear the number of deaths to be somewhere in the tens of thousands! A Chinese billionaire whistle blower is putting this number at 50,000 as a conservative estimate.

The current timeline of the coronavirus also shows that the disease is starting to make its way into all parts of the world. Recently, Russia has taken steps to curtail travel from China because they fear that the magnitude of the disease in mainland China warranties a travel restriction.

We will continue to follow the news of the coronavirus closely and release as much information on it in the coming days. Meanwhile, Uyghur Man has a new YouTube video that highlights a lot of what the CCP does not want us to know.

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