Attention on coronavirus distracts from Uyghurs in internment camps - Famine grows in East Turkestan

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

There always comes a time in history when marginalized populations finally start to get a voice. Unfortunately, in most cases, we wait so long until evils have been committed for extended periods of time before we shift our focus to these people. For many years, Uyghurs have been in grave danger coming directly from the government who is supposed to protect them. Currently, there is estimated to be over one million people in internment camps, which are falsely called "reeducation camps." I've shown in previous posts, how journalists are being stopped from entering into the East Turkestan region to find out what really goes on in these internment camps.

Lucky for us, it seems that some Uyghurs that have escaped these centers are finally starting to speak out. This is very brave of them, because we all know that the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) does not take too kindly to dissenters. The people that are speaking are also mostly marked on a file that the government keeps on many citizens whom they believe might become a problem for their political aims.

After seeing these videos, I started to fully understand that I should also be concerned for my family, since what I am saying may seem "anti-China." But, I will continue to remind everyone that what I am fighting for is justice and nothing else. It is wrong to attempt to strip an entire people of their culture, religion, and liberties in order to promote communist ideals. Uyguhrs have a rich culture that goes back thousands of years, and with indoctrination techniques, the CCP is continually trying to wipe us out in more ways than one. If they are unable to brainwash us and turn us into drones, then they wouldn't mind exterminating us.

This has become even more evident with the rise of the coronavirus and the utter disregard for the safety of people in East Turkestan. There are great fears that arise when we think about the unhygienic situations the Uyghurs in these camps are kept in, and what would happen if the outbreak were to reach these regions. Also, the close proximity that everyone there is kept in, without proper medical attention, would allow the virus to spread quickly and cause deaths. According to the WHO, there have been about 73,332 infections and 1,873 deaths from the coronavirus outbreak. If we do a little bit of math, that is around a 2.5% mortality rate. The internment camps in East Turkestan is thought to have around one million Uyghurs in captivity under very unsanitary conditions. If even only 10% of people got infected, then we would have around 100,000 infections and therefore 2,500. Also, this is a conservative number given that these people would not be able to seek medical attention since the many people that did not die in the general public had access to health facilities. Once again, this marginalized population is at the highest risk if this viral outbreak were to suddenly descend upon them.


Since I have been a little child, I have heard the slogan that Justice is Blind. I always took this to mean that no matter what, justice must be served. This should mean that whoever is committing evil acts, they should face the consequences for what they do. In light of this thinking, I believe that the CCP is treating the Uyghurs with no sense of justice. They are not blind when it comes to taking people out of their family homes and sending them off to centers where we do not even know when we will see them again. People that have escaped from these centers have reported gross injustices being committed in these camps. After going over those injustices, we start to wonder if anyone is really hearing the cries of the people in East Turkestan. Recently, I saw videos an Facebook of people crying out because they have been unable to eat for the last one month. There is no food in these regions because they are being told to stay indoors and all the markets are closed. What are we to do in these kind of situations?

Well, I will continue to speak out and draw the attention towards my people. I will not stop until these camps are closed and my people are given the freedom they deserve.

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Stop the use of slave labor in order to produce the goods and services we currently enjoy. Many big companies such as Apple and H&M use these factories where Uyghurs are forced to work. Support the cause to end slave labor.



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