who is uyghur man

Every good story has an origin and everyone is who they are due to an abundance of influences. It has always been a saying of mine that we are all masterpieces, chiseled out of flesh and bone to produce the image that stands before you today. In my humble estimation, we are all the creations of God and we play a small part in his divine plan. Everything in the world is continuously held together by a commonality of matter, mind, and soul. And so, I would like to speak about this unity and how it actually led to my beginning Uyghur Man, which is what I have identified to be my life goal.


I've spoken about in several of my YouTube videos what it means to be a Justice Believer, and that is why this is the tagline of my website. I sincerely believe that in life you can either fight for good or for evil. It is not possible to be on neither side, because if you are seeing an injustice and doing nothing about it, then it is almost the same as fighting for evil. I do not say this to shame those who do not fight for justice, but if you only think about it logically, then you would know I am right.

Everything I do is part of the picture I am painting in order to free my people and create a better world. One step at a time, I will continue to fight for justice. I invite you to join me on this journey to becoming a Justice Believer. Read More

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